SWF 2018

This special section of the competition is dedicated to those products that enhance the territory of the Mediterranean, the cultures and what

makes it.


The award is offered by the Tenute Orestiadi and the Scirocco Web

Fest and is open to any type of audiovisual format:

feature films, short films, documentaries,

web series, spot and other formats

of any length.


The partecipation IS FREE and you only need to follow two simple steps:


  • Complete the form







  • Send the material via Wetransfer to sicilywebfest@gmail.com








#Brecha (BRA)

#DiNotte 2 (ITA)

#Reality 2.0 (UK)

#WhoKilledHeather (USA)

1001 Ways to Wonder (CAN)

A User´s Guide to Love (MEX)

Abigaëlle and the Dating

Coach (CAN)

After Nightfall (AUS)

Alone (ESP)

Andorra (ITA)

Art of Gaming (DEU)

Back In The Game (AUS)

Bidune Kaid (LBN)

Bleed (USA)

Blind (AUS)

Bruce (AUS)

Che Peruano (ARG)

Clusterf*ck (CAN)

Comic (ITA)

Crimetube Southtyrol (ITA)

Deichbullen (DEU)

Dele Viaje (CRI)

Deluxe Motion (CAN)

DoXa (FRA)

Easy V (CAN)

Eixos (BRA)

End Unsung (FIN)

Filth City (CAN)

Flatbush Misdemeanors (USA)

Food For Thought (CAN)

Fuori sede (ITA)

Gimel (ISR)

God is coming (DEU)

Gut Holz (DEU)



Act Something Up: A web series (ARG)


Albtrauf (DEU)


Augury (UK)


Buckets (USA)


Dear Mankind (DEU)


Gorchlach: The legend of Cordelia (ITA)



La Fenomenologia dei Fenomeni Fenomenali (ITA)


Naturally Ours: Rediscovering Canada's Parks - Salt Spring Island (CAN)


Rudi (ITA)


Sounds of Freedom (USA)


Grossbreitenbach100% (DEU)

Growing Up Guide Pup (USA)

Hermann Sox (DEU)

House Call with

Dr. Yvette Lu (CAN)

How to Buy a Baby (CAN)

I'm Ander (ARG)

In Vino Veritas (ITA)

Inconceivable (CAN)

Indictus (ITA)

Ink (FRA)

Jinglers (ARG)

Julie (FRA)

Kristal Clear (CAN)


Little Sista (AUS)

Lorraine Russo's

Family Diaries (USA)

Lost Kings (USA)

Love In Translation (FRA)

Maddalena (AUS)

Mimi and Mo (USA)

Mona Lisa Cowboy (USA)

Mortus Corporatus (FRA)

Mychonny: The Chinaboy

Show (AUS)

Naturally Salt Spring (CAN)

Nemausus (FRA)

Nomad 7 (BRA)

On The Topic Of (CAN)

On The Fringe (AUS)

Other People's Children (USA)

People of Paradise: A Gathering of Pirates (AUS)

Porn Leif (DEN)

Pre-roll drama

The Buzz (RUS)

Psusy (NZL)

Random (FRA)


Spessart Tales (DEU)


The Girl Code (CAN)


The Learning Curve (USA)


Tuscan Dirty Fable (ITA)


Under the Weather (USA)


Way Back Home (ITA)

ReLife (ITA)

Restoration (AUS)

Roar Epic (ITA)

Sexy Herpes (AUS)

Si Fueras Tú (ESP)

Similar (ARG)

Sintropia (BRA)

Skampia (ITA)

SOS Debt (ITA)

Spectrums (ISR)

Springdale (FRA)

Stage Fright (DEU)

Step Sisters (CAN)

Sui Generis (BRA)

That's My DJ (CAN)

The Feels (USA)

The Heritage (BRA)

The League of

S.T.E.A.M. (USA)

The Pantsless

Detective (USA)

The Sandmine (DEU)

The So-So You

Don't Know (USA)

The Spell Tutor (CAN)

The Strategy of Water (CHE)

Theater People Season (USA)

This is Desmondo

Ray! (AUS)

Too late baby (ARG)


Television (USA)

Unadventurers (BRA)

We all wanted to kill the president (ESP)


Welcome to Elsinore,

Hamlet's Story (ITA)

Winter (AUS)

Wishlist 2.0 (DEU)

Woke (FRA)

Zombies Ztories (FRA)



The fourth edition of the Sicily Web Fest will be on June 29/30, 2018, in Gibellina, during the Scirocco Web Fest.

Our festival is partner with the organization of this amazing food & wine festival, allowing us

to give our authors and guests a taste of sicilian culture and flavors. Such is our goal:

to combine the digital series world with the promotion of our sicilian territory.


SCIROCCO WINE FEST is a major food & wine festival organized by Tenute Orestiadi. Created with the main purpose of building bridges between countries, it's a three days of tastings and discovering of flavors from the Mediterranean Sea: products from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and many others. Food&Wine, but also great shows and cultural events, in order to live all the richness our land has to offer.


In 1968 GIBELLINA was almost completely destroyed by an Earthquake. With work and passion, a new town has been born on that same ground: GIBELLINA NUOVA is a centre of modern art, in which past meets the present thanks to the work of great artist that helped rebuild the city. The 2018 programe DESTINAZIONE GIBELLINA aims to put a spotlight on this beautiful and artistic landscape



the 2018 jury



Pioneering the online scripted short form genre in France, she produced the multi award winning web series “Osmosis”, now being adapted for Netflix. At MIPTV 2018, Anne is moderating the digital short form series pitch for the second year and holds the “In development” pitch session at Cannes Series. She is a member of the Webfest Berlin board of advisors .



An Italian avant-garde composer, pianist and performer strongly recognizable for his unconventional sounds. His style goes from contemporary music to theatrical performances, film scoring (Cannes, Venice, New York and Berlin Film Festivals) and television. He also composed the opening themes of Venice Film Festival twice.



Associate Professor at the University of Palermo. Scholar of cinema, media, new media and new technologies. He also teaches at IULM in Milan and at the Scuola Holden in Turin. He has his own blog (Postcinema) on the "Nòva100" website of "Il Sole 24Ore". He directs "EmergingSeries Journal" and is curator of Digita!, an international market of digital contents.



Director, screenwriter, producer and founder & director of the Digital Series festival "die Seriale“ in Giessen, Germany. Since 2009 he works also at the „Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA)“, and since 2011 he is CEO of the production company Dobago Film. He is director and co-creator of the award winning web series "Number of Silence“.



Screenwriter and narratology Professor. He's graduated in Philosophy and has several publishing under his name such as "Suspense! Il Cinema delle Possibilità". He also wrote and produced the award winning short film Velma in 2009. He's juror of the SWF since the very first edition in 2015.

Pilot Jury

the 2018 AWARDS



Journalist and film critic, he has written for Il Mediterraneo and L'Ora newspapers. He has directed the magazine on the free time TrovaPalermo and edited catalogs of themed exhibitions. He currently collaborates with L'Inchiesta Sicilia. Since 1998 he has been the author and speaker of the radio program Uscita di Sicurezza..






Bachelor in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia at the University of Pavia, she graduated with a final thesis titled "If Walt Disney were alive, would he produce web series?" and she founded the blog World Wide Webserie. In 2015 she wrote her book "Making web series - the new way of the independent filming: theory and practice", published by Audino Editore.







Co-Founder and CEO of the Video On Demand Platform "Bigop.tv". He is a film director, producer, screenwriter and photographer from Argentina with 17 years in the industry working in Asia, Europe and America. Since 2013 he is the director of NC Productions, a Film and Ads Production House based in Argentina and Brasil.






• Best Web Series

• Best Italian Web Series

• Best International Web Series

• Best Pilot *

• Best Actor

• Best Actress

• Best Directing

• Best Screenplay

• Best Cinematography

• Best Documentary

• Best Animation

• Best Visual Effects

• Best Editing

• Best Original Music score

Best Sound Design

• Best Make-up

• Best Costume Design

• Best Production Design

• Best Idea *

• Premio del Pubblico *

• Premio del Mediterraneo

• Selection from Festival Partners

• Distribution contracts


* A Pilot episode is eligeble only for Best Pilot, Best Idea and Premio del Pubblico (Audience Award)




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