Antoine is the co-founder of Rockzeline, specialists in international co-productions and distributors of high quality digital series. Rockzeline looks to take artistic risks, producing richly scripted, editorialised digital fiction with strong identity, preferring quality over quantity. Antoine recently branched out, setting up “Rockzeline Wild Studio Corp” a production studio based in the US, through which he produces 5x90 mins' digital series a year, with the current crop being The Village Green, Ancestor, Induction, and The Last War alongside B-82 being produced in Antoine's native France under the “Rockzeline Wild Studio” label. Antoine helped to develop the digital series landscape in France, accompanying Canal +, France Télévisions and We Love Cinema in setting up their own digital series platforms. He is continually looking at opening up new markets, realising that as long as your content is good, it's good enough for any screen, be that more “traditional” broadcasters to SVOD and other online platforms, or even brand websites.


Joël Bassaget, 49, lives in Berlin and is a TV writer since 1990. In 2014, he created the blog Web Séries Mag for the French paper Liberation online edition and reviews web series from all over the world for French medias. He is also the founder of the Web Series World Cup and a freelance consultant, advising and assisting producers and broadcasters. He’s currently working on the fist global study about web series to be published in 2015

Piero Tomaselli was born in 1974 in the province of Udine. He graduated in philosophy in Padua with a thesis on the relationship between art, poetry and nihilism in the thinking of Heidegger in 2000. He lives in Rome since 2001, where he graduated in film directing at Cinecittà, and where now works as professor of directing, screenplay and film aesthetics. His work includes the medium film “Lintver” (2006) with the soundtrack of Italian singer Elisa, the fake documentary “Simone Lecca and the in-visible’s cinema” (2005-2009). In 2008 he co-wrote the screenplay for “Imago Mortis”, the debut of Italian’s director Stephen Bessoni with Geraldine Chaplin and Alex Angulo. In 2009 he directed the low-budget film "Velma", one of the most awarded debut of the year.

Massimo Arciresi is a journalist and a film critic. He contributed to the newspapers Il Mediterraneo and L’Ora, and to the magazines Anteprima, Shalò and L’Inchiesta (also on line, for the last two). He was the editor in chief of the free magazine TrovaPalermo and ran a cinema column for the on line magazines Cinemecum, Sicilia News 24, Voir and NonHoSonno. Since 1997 he has been running the radio broadcast Uscita di Sicurezza. He has served on a jury on several occasions (Capaci Cinema Breve e Bisacquino Festival Set among the others). Moreover, he was in charge of some film catalogues such as Filmusica and Wim Wenders - Appunti di un viaggio.

Simone Arcagni is Associate Professor at the University of Palermo. Film scholar, media, new media and new technologies. Collaborates with "Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore", "Oxygen", Technonews "," Segnocinema "," Home! " and other scientific journals and popular science. He keeps a blog (Postcinema) on the site "Nova100" of "Il Sole 24 Ore". He directs "Screencity Journal" and "EmergingSeries Journal". He's a consultant and co-worker of festivals, entities, conferences, editorial series, journals and he's part of several national and international scientific committees. His latest publication is "Visioni Digitali: Video, web e nuove tecnologie" (Einaudi 2016). Among others: "Screen City" (Bulzoni), "Music Video" (with Alessandro Amaducci), "Oltre il cinema: Metropoli e media" (Kaplan). Among the volumes edited: "I Media Digitali e l'interazione uomo-macchina" (Arachne), "Dal Postmoderno al post-cinema" ("Close-Up") and "Cinema e web" ("Close-Up") both with Giovanni Spagnolo.

Chiara Bressa, Bachelor in Communication, Innovation and Multimedia at the University of Pavia, graduated with a final thesis entitled "If Walt Disney were alive, would he produce web series?".

She is blogger, emerging writer and digital specialist. Founder and editor in chief of World Wide Webserie, her first book "Making web series - the new way of the indipendent filming: theory and practice", was published in June 2015 by Audino Editore.

Young Man Kang directed five feature films and three web series. All feature films have been released on DVD in the US, and have sold in 15 countries. He has a total of 11 awards from a number of film festivals and webfests. Young Man Kang collaborated with fellow film "Avatar" alumni, Just Cause 3D, on his "4D Experience" Project. He is founder and executive director of the "Seoul Webfest", the only web series festival in Asia.



Mario Mariani is an italian pianist, composer and performer. He has published 8 records and worked as cinema composer for theatrical production, movies, animation movies, commercials . He has focused his work also on the mute cinema and has composed twice the opening theme of the Mostra Internazionale d'arte Cinematografica at the Biennale di Venezia.



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